40V Cordless Blower
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40V Cordless Blower

DADAO 40V Cordless Blower typically rely on rechargeable batteries to power their motor and generate the airflow. This eliminates the need for a power cord, making them highly portable and allowing users to move around freely. The battery life varies depending on the model and usage, and it's important to consider this aspect before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.


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Product Description

DADAO 40V Cordless Blower is a versatile handheld or backpack tool that is specifically designed to generate a powerful stream of air. It is used for various purposes, both in residential and commercial settings. Blowes are commonly utilized for tasks such as clearing leaves, debris, and grass clippings from outdoor spaces, as well as for drying surfaces, removing snow, and inflating objects.

DADAO 40V Cordless Blower Parameter (Specification)


40V Max Li-ion

No load speed


Max. Air speed


Max. Air volume

480cfm  13.5cmm

Speed adjustment

3 speed

DADAO 40V Cordless Blower Feature And Application


Patio and Outdoor Furniture Cleaning: DADAO 40V Cordless Blowers can be used to blow away dirt, dust, and debris from outdoor furniture, cushions, and grills, allowing you to keep your patio or deck tidy and ready for use.

Garage and Workshop Cleanup: DADAO 40V Cordless Blowers are handy for blowing away sawdust, wood chips, and other debris from workshop floors, benches, and tools. They can also be used to clear leaves and dirt from garages or carports.

DADAO 40V Cordless Blower Detail

The primary function of DADAO 40V Cordless Blower is to create a concentrated flow of air that can be directed to specific areas or surfaces. This high-velocity airflow is generated by a motor or engine that powers a fan or impeller, creating strong gusts of air. The force of the air helps dislodge and move materials, making it an efficient tool for cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Q: What types of surfaces can a 40V Cordless Blower be used on?

A: 40V Cordless Blowers can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, concrete, tile, and other hard surfaces. They are particularly useful for cleaning workspaces, construction sites, workshops, and other areas where dust and debris need to be controlled during operation.

Q: Can 40V Cordless Blower be used for wet cleaning?

A: DADAO 40V Cordless Blowers are primarily designed for dry cleaning tasks. While they may be able to handle some dampness or moisture, exposing the blower to excessive water or wet debris may damage the motor or other components. For wet cleaning, it is recommended to use appropriate wet/dry vacuum cleaners or other specialized tools.

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