20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer
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20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer

DADAO® 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer is versatile tools that can be used for multiple applications. They can drill holes of various sizes and depths, drive screws, and chisel or break through hard materials. They are often used in construction, renovation, and remodeling projects.


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Product Description

DADAO® 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammers feature a pneumatic or electro-pneumatic impact mechanism that combines rotary motion with Hammering action.

This mechanism generates a powerful Hammering force, allowing the tool to penetrate hard materials with ease.

DADAO® 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer Parameter (Specification)


21V Max Li-ion

Drill type

SDS plus



No load speed


Impact rate


DADAO® 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer Feature And Application

▶ FEATURES: Brushless

▶ Application:

1. Plumbing and Electrical Work: 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer is utilized by plumbers and electricians for drilling holes in concrete or masonry walls to install pipes, conduits, and wiring. They are essential for tasks such as installing plumbing fixtures and electrical outlets.

2. Landscaping: Cordless Rotary Hammer can be useful in landscaping projects, such as installing fence posts or garden structures into hard soil or concrete. They can quickly drill holes for anchoring outdoor features securely.

3. DIY Projects: 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer are also favored by DIY enthusiasts who undertake various home improvement projects. They can be employed for tasks like hanging shelves, installing curtain rods, or mounting heavy objects on walls or ceilings.

DADAO®20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer Details

DADAO® 20mm 4 action Cordless Rotary Hammer often include safety features such as overload clutch systems to protect the user and the tool from excessive force or jamming. Some models also have built-in LED lights for better visibility in dimly lit work areas.


Q: What is the Cordless Rotary Hammer?

A: DADAO® 20mm Cordless Rotary Hammer is a powerful and multifunctional electric tool, combining the function of rotating drilling and knocking movements. It is usually used for hard materials such as drilling concrete, brick walls, and stone.

Q: What is the difference between Rotary Hammer and ordinary electric drill?

A: Compared with ordinary electric diamonds, the Rotary Hammer has more powerful driving force and tapping energy, which can be easier to drill into hard materials. It is usually used to work that requires greater power and impact energy.

Q: What jobs are suitable for Rotary Hammer?

A: Rotary Hammer is widely used in construction, decoration and demolition projects. It can be used for drilling concrete, walls, flooring, stone and other materials, as well as tasks such as knocking and cutting.

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