300ml Cordless Caulking Gun
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300ml Cordless Caulking Gun

Welcome to wholesale or customized 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun from our factory at any time. We will provide you with factory discount prices for our products. DADAO® is 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun manufacturers and suppliers in China.


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Product Description

DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Guns require minimal maintenance. Keeping the gun clean by wiping off excess caulk after each use and periodically inspecting the battery and components for any damage or wear is usually sufficient. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper maintenance and storage.

DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun Parameter (Specification)


21V Max Li-ion

Dispensing speed


Dispensing force


Speed adjustment

6 speed

Support material

300ml Cartridge

Built-in LED

DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun Feature And Application

Craft and DIY Projects: DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Guns can be beneficial for craft and DIY projects that involve sealing or adhesive work. They can help with tasks like gluing materials together or applying sealant on projects like woodworking, crafts, or home decor.

DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun Details

DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun provides more convenience and efficiency, making your work easier and efficient.


Q: Can a 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun dispense caulk evenly?

A: Yes, DADAO® 300ml Cordless Caulking Gun can dispense caulk evenly. The adjustable speed and flow control settings allow for precise caulk application, ensuring a consistent and even extrusion of caulk or sealant. With proper technique and control, you can achieve a professional and uniform caulking finish.

Q: Are You A Manufacture Or Trading company?

A: Yes, We’Re Professional Lithium-Ion Tools Manufacture In China And Have Been In This Field For More Than 20 Years.

Q: Do You Factory Do Oem?

A: Yes We Do Oem And Odm.

Q: Why Choose Dadao Tools?

A: * Professional Service

* Reliable Supply Chain

* Quality Assurance

* Competitive Price

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