6'' Cordless Chain Saw
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6'' Cordless Chain Saw

DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saw is equipped with powerful engines that deliver excellent cutting performance. They can quickly and effortlessly cut through various types of wood, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


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Product Description

DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saws are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices. to meet the needs of both professionals and homeowners.

DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saw Introduction

DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saws are versatile tools that can be used for various applications. Whether you need to fell a tree, trim branches, cut firewood, or clear debris, a 6'' Cordless Chain Saw can handle it all. They come in different sizes and bar lengths, allowing you to choose the right tool for the specific job at hand.

DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saw Parameter (Specification)


21V Max Li-ion

No load speed


Cutting length


Max power


DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saw Feature And Application

▶ Application:

Firewood production: 6'' Cordless Chain Saws are excellent tools for cutting firewood. They can quickly cut through logs of various sizes, making it convenient for homeowners to prepare their own firewood.

Construction and demolition: 6'' Cordless Chain Saws are often employed in construction and demolition work to cut through wooden beams, posts, or other materials. They provide a portable and efficient way to remove unwanted structures or make precise cuts.

DADAO 6'' Cordless Chain Saw Details

Modern 6'' Cordless Chain Saw comes with various safety features to protect the user. These features include chain brakes, anti-vibration systems, and protective guards. These safety mechanisms help prevent accidents and injuries, allowing for safer operation of the tool.


Q: How can I ensure safety while using a 6'' Cordless Chain Saw?

A: Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, and chainsaw chaps. Ensure a firm grip on the chainsaw and maintain a stable stance while cutting. Take breaks when necessary and never operate a chainsaw if you feel tired or unfocused.

Q: How can I prevent kickback?

A: Kickback is a sudden, upward movement of the chainsaw bar and can be dangerous. To prevent kickback, maintain a firm grip and hold the Cordless Chain Saws with both hands, avoid overextending the cut, and ensure the chain brake is engaged when not in use. Proper cutting technique and the use of low-kickback chains can also reduce the risk of kickback.

Q: How do I choose the right Cordless Chain Saw for my needs?

A: Consider the type of work you'll be doing (light-duty or heavy-duty), the size of the trees or wood you'll be cutting, and your experience level. Match the chainsaw's bar length and power output to your specific requirements.

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