Cordless Car Tyre Inflator
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Cordless Car Tyre Inflator

DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator is a portable and convenient tool used for quickly and easily inflating car tyres. It is designed to be used without the need for a power cord, providing flexibility and convenience.


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Product Description

DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator is designed to inflate tyres efficiently and speedily. With the ability to deliver high airflow and pressure, they can quickly inflate tyres to the desired level, saving you time and effort.

DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator Parameter (Specification)

Max pressure


Flow rate


Digital pressure display & setting

Built-in LED

DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator Feature And Application

▶ Portability and Compact Design: DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator is designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and store in your vehicle's trunk. They often come with a carrying case or bag for added convenience.

▶ Versatility: While primarily used for car tyres, Cordless Car Tyre Inflators can also be used to inflate other inflatable items, such as bicycles, motorcycles, sports equipment, and inflatable toys. This versatility makes them a handy tool to have for various inflation needs.

DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator Details

DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator feature a built-in LED light that illuminates the tyre valve and surrounding area, making it convenient to use in low-light conditions or at night.


Q: How long does it take to inflate a car tyre with a Cordless Car Tyre Inflator?

A: The inflation time can vary depending on the size of the tyre and the desired pressure. On average, it can take a few minutes to fully inflate a car tyre. However, keep in mind that different models of Cordless Car Tyre Inflators may have varying inflation speeds.

Q: Can Cordless Car Tyre Inflator handle different tyre sizes?

A: Yes, DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflators are designed to handle various tyre sizes. They are suitable for standard car tyres, SUV tyres, and even smaller tyres such as those used on bicycles or motorcycles. However, it's important to choose a model with appropriate maximum pressure capacity to ensure it can handle the desired tyre size.

Q: How accurate are the pressure readings on Cordless Car Tyre Inflator ?

A: Most DADAO Cordless Car Tyre Inflator provide accurate pressure readings within a reasonable range. However, it's recommended to periodically check the accuracy of the inflation readings by using a separate tyre pressure gauge. Regular calibration or comparison can ensure accurate inflation and tyre pressure maintenance.

Q: Can Cordless Car Tyre Inflator be used for roadside emergencies?

A: Yes, Cordless Car Tyre Inflators are often used for roadside emergencies, such as when a tyre is flat or underinflated. Their portability and ease of use make them suitable for quick tyre inflation on the go. It's recommended to keep a Cordless Car Tyre Inflator and a spare fully charged battery in your vehicle's emergency kit for such situations.

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