100mm Cordless Angle Grinder
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100mm Cordless Angle Grinder

DADAO® is a professional leader China 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. DADAO® 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder are versatile tools that find applications in various industries and DIY projects. They offer speed, precision, and efficiency in cutting, grinding, and surface preparation tasks.


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Product Description

High quality 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder is offered by China manufacturer DADAO®. Buy 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder which is of high quality directly with low price. DADAO® 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder typically have a handle or grip for better control and stability during operation. Some models offer adjustable side handles that can be positioned for both right-handed and left-handed users.

DADAO® 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder Parameter (Specification)


21V Max Li-ion



Disk diameter


No load speed


DADAO® 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder Feature And Application

▶ FEATURES: Brushless

▶ Application:

1. Metal Cutting and Grinding: 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder are extensively used for cutting and grinding metal materials such as steel, iron, and aluminum. They can make clean cuts through metal pipes, bars, or sheets and remove excess material or weld slag.

2. Masonry and Concrete Work: Cordless Angle Grinder equipped with diamond blades or abrasive discs are powerful tools for cutting, grinding, and shaping masonry and concrete surfaces. They can be used for tasks like cutting through concrete slabs, removing mortar, or shaping bricks and stones.

3. Tile and Stone Work: Angle Grinders with diamond blades are also useful for cutting and shaping tiles and stones. They can make precise cuts for fitting tiles, create curved edges, or remove old tiles during renovation projects.

4. Pipe and Plumbing Work: Cordless Angle Grinders are commonly used in plumbing applications. They can cut through various types of pipes, such as PVC or metal pipes, and prepare them for joining or repair.

DADAO® 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder Details

DADAO® 100mm Cordless Angle Grinder often have safety features to protect the user. These may include a lock-off switch to prevent accidental start-ups, a spindle lock for easy disc changes, and a guard to shield the user from sparks and debris generated during use.

By attaching polishing pads or bonnets, Angle Grinders can be used for polishing metal, stone, and other surfaces. This helps in achieving a smooth and glossy finish.


1. How to maintain the Cordless Angle Grinder ?

There are several important aspects to maintain the Cordless Angle Grinder . First, clean the corner mill after use to remove dust and debris. Secondly, regularly check the wear of the grinding stone or cutting discs and replace it in time. It is also necessary to keep the machine's good lubrication and cooling system, and add appropriate lubricants or coolant as needed. Finally, the corner mill is stored in a dry, clean and safe position to prevent damage and loss.

2. What are the uses of Cordless Angle Grinder ?

The Cordless Angle Grinder can be used for many different applications, such as cutting metal pipes, grinding welds, removing paint and cleaning surfaces. They are also commonly used for cutting and grinding of stone and concrete, as well as many tasks in automotive maintenance, metal processing and home decoration.

3. Why Choose Dadao Tools?

* Professional Service

* Reliable Supply Chain

* Quality Assurance

* Competitive Price

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