115mm Cordless Angle Grinder
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115mm Cordless Angle Grinder

DADAO® as the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality 115mm Cordless Angle Grindert. DADAO® 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder is a versatile power tool used for grinding, cutting, and polishing various materials. It features a rotating abrasive disc or wheel that can be fitted with different attachments for different applications.


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Product Description

DADAO® as a professional high quality 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder manufacturer, you can rest assured to buy 115mm Cordless Angle Grinderfrom our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Angle Grinders are typically powered by electricity or compressed air and offer high rotational speed capabilities. This enables them to efficiently cut and grind through various materials with ease.

DADAO® 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder Parameter (Specification)


21V Max Li-ion



Disk diameter


No load speed


DADAO®115mm Cordless Angle Grinder Feature And Application

▶ FEATURES: Brushless

▶ Application:

1. Rust and Paint Removal: 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder equipped with wire brushes or abrasive discs are effective tools for removing rust, paint, and corrosion from metal surfaces. They can clean and prepare surfaces before painting, welding, or applying coatings.

2. Sharpening and Grinding Tools: Cordless Angle Grinder can be used for sharpening various tools, such as lawnmower blades, axes, and chisels. They can also be used for grinding or shaping metal or woodworking tools.

3. Polishing and Buffing: With the appropriate polishing pads or buffing discs, Angle Grinders can be used for polishing and buffing metal, stone, or other surfaces. They can give a smooth and shiny finish to surfaces or restore the luster of worn-out materials.

4. Car and Automotive Applications: Angle Grinders find uses in automotive repairs and maintenance. They can cut through metal parts, remove rust from car bodies, or grind surfaces before welding or painting.

5. Sculpting and Artistic Work: Cordless Angle Grinder equipped with carving discs give artists the ability to sculpt and shape materials like wood, stone, or even ice. They allow for creating intricate patterns or textures in various artistic projects.

DADAO®115mm Cordless Angle Grinder Details

Angle Grinders are widely used for cutting through materials like metal, stone, concrete, and tiles. They can make precise cuts or remove excess material quickly, making them essential in construction, fabrication, and metalworking industries.


1. What is the Cordless Angle Grinder ?

The 115mm Cordless Angle Grinde is a kind of electric tool, usually driven by motor, with a rotating grinding stone or cutting disc. They are used to cut, grind and polish various materials, such as metal, stone and concrete.

2. How to choose a Cordless Angle Grinde that suits you?

Choose a few factors to choose Cordless Angle Grinde. The first is power and speed, and choose appropriate power and speed range according to work needs. The second is the size and weight of the corner grinding machine. You need to choose the appropriate size according to the workplace and use needs. Finally, consider attachments and functions, and select the attachments and functions that match the required tasks.

3. How to use the Cordless Angle Grinde safely?

It is very important to use Cordless Angle Grinde safely. Ensure proper personal protection equipment such as goggles, gloves and facial protection. Before operating the corner grinding machine, ensure the safe fixation of the workpiece and operate according to the manufacturer's instructions. Observe the correct operation procedures and safety precautions, avoid use in a small space, and avoid continuous use for a long time to prevent overheating.

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