10mm Brushless Cordless Drill
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10mm Brushless Cordless Drill

DADAO® is one of the famous China 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Brushless Cordless Drill.


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Product Description

Factory Directly Supply Quality 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill made in China. DADAO® is 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill manufacturer and supplier in China. The key feature of Brushless Cordless Drill is its brushless motor technology, which provides several benefits, including increased efficiency, longer lifespan, higher power output, and smoother operation.

DADAO® 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill Introduction

10mm Brushless Cordless Drill work by combining rotary drilling with a hammering action. When the drill is engaged, it rotates the drill bit while also delivering rapid up-and-down hammering movements. This combination of actions helps to break through tough materials like masonry or concrete.

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DADAO® 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill Parameter (Specification)


21V Max Li-ion

Chuck size


Rated torque


Torque setting


No load speed


DADAO® 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill Feature And Application

▶ Family maintenance and decoration: 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill is an ideal choice for family maintenance and decoration. They are suitable for drilling and screw tightening, and can be used to install furniture, hanging paintings, assembly of home supplies, etc.

▶ Woodworking and making furniture: 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill have sufficient power and torque, which can be used to tighten wood and wooden furniture for drilling and screws. You can use them to make furniture, build wooden structures, repair wooden surfaces, etc.

▶ Metal processing: Brushless Cordless Drill is suitable for drilling and screws on the metal surface. Can be used in areas such as construction, machinery processing, manufacturing and automobile maintenance.

▶ Gypsum board and gypsum board wall: Brushless Cordless Drill can be easily tightened on the gypsum board and gypsum plate wall.

DADAO® 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill Details

▶ LED Work Light: Many brushless cordless drills come equipped with an integrated LED light near the chuck. This provides illumination in dimly lit areas, making it easier to see and work with precision.

▶ Battery Technology: 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill often utilize advanced battery technologies, such as lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

▶ Ergonomic Design: Brushless cordless drills are usually designed with ergonomics in mind. Features such as a comfortable grip, well-balanced weight distribution, and compact form factor make the drill easier to handle and reduce user fatigue during prolonged use.


1. How Can We Guarantee Quality?

Always A Pre-Production Sample Before Mass Production;

Always Final Inspection Before Shipment;

2. What Can You Buy From Us?

Cordless Drill, Cordless Driver, Cordless Angle Grinder,Cordless Hammer Drill,Cordless Circular Saw And So On.

3. Where Is Your Market?

From Now On We Have Exported To Many Areas, The Main Market Is The European And American Market. Looking Forward To Friends From All Over The World Come To Visit And Cooperate.

4. Can We Have Sample To Test?

Yes,We Can Offer One Or Two Samples For Clients To Test With Charging When Clients Place Anorder. We Will Pay The Sample Money Back.

5. Can I replace the battery in my Brushless Cordless Drill ?

Yes, most 10mm Brushless Cordless Drill batteries can be replaced if they are no longer holding a charge or if a backup battery is needed. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions for details on how to replace the battery.



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