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Brushless Cordless Drill

DADAO® is a professional Brushless Cordless Drill manufacturers and suppliers in China. DADAO® Brushless Cordless Drill is a portable hand-held power tool used for drilling holes and driving screws. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and does not require an electric outlet or power cord, hence the name "cordless".


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Product Description

DADAO® warmly welcome you to wholesale Brushless Cordless Drill from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.

DADAO® Brushless Cordless Drill Introduction

DADAO® Brushless Cordless Drill is a type of cordless drill that utilizes brushless motor technology. Unlike traditional motors that use brushes and commutators to transfer power, brushless motors are electronically controlled and do not have these physical parts.

DADAO® Brushless Cordless Drill Parameter (Specification)


12V Li-ion

Chuck size


Rated torque


Torque setting


No load speed


DADAO® Brushless Cordless Drill Feature And Application

Applications of cordless drills include drilling holes in wood, metal, or concrete, driving screws, assembling furniture, and hanging shelves. They are particularly useful for DIY projects around the house or construction work on job sites where power outlets may not be accessible or convenient.

DADAO Brushless Cordless Drill Details

▶ Increased Efficiency: Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors because they eliminate the friction and energy loss caused by brushes. This means the drill can deliver more power and run for a longer time on a single battery charge.

▶ Longer Lifespan: Without brushes to wear out, brushless motors have a significantly longer lifespan compared to brushed motors. This makes brushless cordless drills more durable and reliable over time.

▶ Compact Design: Brushless motors are typically smaller and lighter than brushed motors.

▶ Brushless motors have a longer lifespan than brushed motors due to the absence of physical parts that wear out over time. This means that DADAO Brushless Cordless Drill are generally more durable and reliable, requiring less maintenance and replacement of components.


1. What is the difference between cordless drill and Brushless Cordless Drill ?

Brushless Cordless Drill typically uses a brushed motor, which relies on physical brushes and commutators to transfer power from the battery to the motor. Brushless motors are more efficient compared to brushed motors.

2. Can I use Brushless Cordless Drill for heavy-duty tasks?

Yes, Brushless Cordless Drill are designed to handle heavy-duty tasks, but the power output and battery life should be taken into consideration. Higher power output drills and those with longer battery life are better suited for heavy-duty tasks.

3. Do You Factory Do Oem?

Yes,We Do Em And Odm.

4. What Is The Payment Terms?

The Payment Terms Is 30%T/T In Advancethe Balance 70%T/Tagainst The Copy Of B/L For Newclient. Other Payment Term Is Aiso Acceptabie.

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